We are working hard to build Trek2Freedom/VTHabitat4Vets, a dual VT Veteran Wellness Program, offering a multitude of programs to enrich the lives of our VT Vets who deserve better services.  Free meds, comfortable homes, adequate clothing & food, resources, assistance in job options including resume building and consulting are the goals of this program.  With adequate fundraising, we hope to  be able to contribute to the livelihoods of our Vermont Military Families, including the above mentioned but also we would like to consider Purple Heart Camps for the children of these families, education and job creation.  Please consider a contribution to help us reach these goals.  After two years of planning this project, many developing ideas have been formulated.  Though not yet perfected, this site is a work in progress.  Please see our FB page and contribute your ideas, your comments.....anything positive is welcome!

Vermont Veteran Wellness Program